3 Questions To Ask That Will Create Endless Marketing Ideas For Your Business

When a business owner or entrepreneur inquires about our services, we always begin with a few simple but powerful questions. These questions allow us to get to know you better. But what’s just as important is that they allow you to see yourself through a new lens. One that separates you from your brand and allows you to see the power behind your story and the endless amount of marketing content you can create around your mission.

Grab a sheet of paper, open your favorite notebook, or get your keyboard fingers ready to answer these questions as honestly as you can. Remember, your first go at anything is always a rough draft, so let your ideas fly. Don’t hold back. In photography, I’d say, get trigger happy.

The answers you come up with will be the topics, lessons, stories, and any other kind of content you can create to market your business. From snapshots and boomerangs on your phone to professional photos and videos, the visual stories you choose will be boosted up by the powerful messages you share from your answers here.

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3 Questions To Answer To Create Endless Marketing Content For Your Business

  • Why did you start this business? 

Why are you in business in the first place? Why did you make the change and decide to start this business? Why do you love what you do?

You get the point. Remind yourself WHY you’re in business in the first place. When we focus on our WHY first, we’ll have a much more clear picture of the next step which is HOW we’re going to do it. The answer to the question WHY brings you back to a feeling, a moment in time, a reason that is most likely unrelated to your actual daily work. When we zoom out and create a wider field of view, we can see the purpose behind our daily work. THIS my friends, is what your clients are going to relate to. In fact, it’s your WHY that creates your mission, your purpose and the ONLY reason you’ll create well-rounded success.

  • What is your personal story?

What happened the moment you made the decision? What stories do you share with your clients? What stories do they share with you? What kind of conversation is had around your business, your mission, your purpose?

Once you know your WHY, you have to imagine the story or stories behind your WHY. The reason I started Live Wonderful was to remind everyone of their creative powers. WHY did this fuel me? Because of my own story.

One summer I made a lot of very different choices that completely changed the trajectory of my life in the span of a few weeks. From ending a bad relationship to becoming homeless to finding “my tribe” and deciding to leave on a one-way plane ticket to Asia, and then to finally return over 8 months later… My personal journey led to realizations and choices to see life through a new lens. When I remember my story, I can think of endless photos that share those life lessons along my journey. I can also think of ways to share my journey in my business life too. When we open up, we show our clients we’re human too. We’re here for a reason, a good reason. We want to share that mission with you. It’s a chance for true connection and long-lasting trust to be built. Sharing your story helps you find your perfect clients because you’ll always be able to relate, thus endless stories to share.


  1. What personal problem does your mission solve for your perfect client? 

This may sound like a very specific question. That’s because it is. There’s a reason I want to know about your client’s personal problems. It’s the whole reason your business is alive.

Businesses solve problems. But more importantly, and this is something many business owners forget: Your business solves a PERSONAL problem. Based on your WHY and your STORY behind it, you should be able to tap into the problem your perfect client faces and the solution that your company solves. When I’m starting to create the perfect visual story for a new business, I always imagine what it’s like when they’ve accomplished their mission. When a customer is satisfied, how do they feel? Why do they feel that way? What makes them happy? Now reverse engineer what problem they were trying to solve and you’ll know exactly what to talk about in your marketing.

When I can see a clear picture of all three of these questions, I can create endless visual stories and marketing content for any business alive today. All it takes is tapping into the truth behind these questions and then translating those answers into a visual story.

Are you ready to never feel confused about marketing again? Get ready to bring your stories to life. 

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does yours say about you?


The only way to stand out from the crowd is to create an authentic Brand Story. Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or CEO, you know the importance of creating a real genuine connection with your customers. In today’s modern world of marketing, to build trust you must share genuine, value-driven stories that your customers can relate too. That’s what we’re here to help you do.

15+ years of photography and marketing experience means you get to work with fun, creative, and honest professionals who care and take the time to understand your goals. 

Our photography packages start at just $450 and are completely customized to your individual business needs and goals. 

Don’t just hire a photographer to take pictures. Hire a photographer that truly understands the inner workings of a business and has the inspiration to capture and communicate exactly what you want for your customers. 

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