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"Photography is our most powerful creative tool, because we all have access to it."
~ Danielle Hanusek

Meet Your Photographer

Hi, I'm Danielle.

… the optimistic, outgoing gal always smiling behind the camera.

I am a professional photographer storyteller, yoga enthusiast, and travel addict who enjoys getting lost anywhere my camera will take me. 

Photography has unapologetically transformed my entire outlook on life. All I want to do is help you create powerful, inspiring visual stories that are full of passion and purpose. Why? Because that’s what it means to Live Wonderful. So, join me on this endless adventure, and let’s bring your best stories to life!

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Get off AUTO mode, forever.

It’s time to stop shooting (and living) in auto mode. The Storyteller’s Journey is your step-by-step guide to creating and capturing visual stories that are full of real passion and purpose. Discover a new lens of life in this unique master photography course.