Getting Back To Being Human

Finally, we’re starting to wake up. We’re admitting that we are being governed by a higher intelligence, one that we created. No matter where or how you live on this planet, you are affected by global changes that are reliant on this higher intelligence. You can call it what you want – technology, the internet, AI, all of the above. This is something we’ve not only accepted as a part of our everyday lives and our future, but it is also something we are adapting to faster than we realize. So fast, in fact, I don’t think many know this is still just the beginning.

Can you believe the internet is only really about 30 years old? Just take a moment to look at how it’s involved in every aspect of your life. I guess you only really know the impact if you’re old enough to remember what it’s like to live without the internet. Before 1999 the world was quite different.

We are wiring our entire lives, our entire planet, and now our entire galaxy, moving into the next evolution of humanity in less than a single lifetime. Now is the time to really grasp this truth: Change truly is the only constant. We live in a world where we can physically see it and feel it daily. It’s not slowing down, it’s exponentially speeding up.

I’m not writing on this topic to discuss the given. I don’t want to hash out the negative side effects this rapid development as caused our societies. I want to talk about how incredible it is. I want to talk about how empowering it makes me feel and it should make you feel. The advancements in technology have and will continue to enhance our lives. 

But what’s really enhanced?

When we allow tech to infiltrate our lives, we give away control to have convenience, efficiency, and quick dopamine hits. What seems like endless choices and freedom are actually traps of fake joy.

To enjoy adapting to this new way of living, we as humans must do one thing. We must take back control of ourselves, our bodies, our minds, our souls, our personal stories, and our daily purpose. We must want to discover our personal desires, raw truths, and reasons for living in this time of rapid change.

We must be willing to open up, let our emotions show, let our hearts crack open, be vulnerable, admit what we don’t know, let go of shame, guilt, and blame, release anger, risk love, and be the truth that is so scary but so real inside of us. We must transform our way of being human in the day of fast pace change.

I see how this constant speed of change in life is affecting us all different yet all the same. I see brilliant people discouraged and frustrated by something new, something different, something that has changed their routine, their way of control. I see those who retreat and those who take action. 

I write today to share one thing I see more than anything else: a lack of awareness.

Less and less true feelings are shared, which just leads to more and more surface bullshit and lost connection. This is something that deeply concerns me and is a huge motivator behind the mission of Live Wonderful.

Live. In wonder. Always.

Human Beings Or Human Doings?

Let’s get real. This constant change is affecting both parts of what makes us incredible creatures, the human part and the being part. It’s affecting our individual daily lives and simultaneously our interconnected beings as a whole species.

Are we human beings or human doings? We are driven to do, to act. But don’t we all know by now that our true fulfillment, happiness, peace, whatever you want to call it – it comes not from the doing, but from the being. You know you only feel “it” when you are being present in the moment. The irony is, as soon as you become aware of this in the moment, you’re no longer present. Your thoughts have taken over and you’re now doing. You’re thinking. Thinking is doing.

Human Beings

But we have a hard enough time just trying to get into the flow, that state of being. And it just keeps getting harder and harder. What makes this so difficult? Distractions. What distractions? Everything inside that higher intelligence. 

In order to have control over our lives which are (overall) only getting longer, healthier, and more intelligent, we must become more aware of this state of change and learn to adapt to it. Realizing it’s not going anywhere, we cannot resist it. Rather we must work with it.

We must be willing to unlearn some things that have been conditioned by our past and will never serve us into the real future. We must evolve the being part of us as the doing part of us pulls us along faster and faster. Evolving our being means becoming more consciously aware of our inner selves and the physical outer world around us. By becoming who we are meant to be, by discovering our personal powers, and our unique individuality, we can be empowered by this constant change and use it to truly fulfill our evolutionary desires. But we have to start by letting ourselves show up, our real selves.

You aren’t that special. Yet, you are.

This is what makes us unique as human beings in the first place. The one thing that makes us different from the rest of the living entities on earth, the one thing that makes us human is our imagination which leads to our individual creativity. Our superpower is that we each have our own superpowers! 

By building full body awareness, paying close attention to our feelings within, and learning to control our mindset and slow down in our daily lives, we can create the ultimate control. We can get back to being human again. With patience and grace, it is possible to gain clarity, share our true stories, and evolve the incredible being that is within each and every one of us. We can fear a little less and risk a little more, knowing there is always a reward We can extend our comfort zones and not feel like we’re stepping outside of them. Ultimately, we can expand creative consciousness across the planet.

To do all of this, we must start with one thing. We must practice presence. Be present at this moment now and always to come back to this moment, over and over. I know more and more humans are waking up to this knowing. To their beings. The frustration is subsiding and peace is just on the other side. But this is a daily practice. There is no destination. Only a journey through each moment. A journey that is leading us back to being human.

I once heard or read that intelligence doesn’t make a successful man. Wisdom does. What’s the difference? Knowing how to use your knowledge, control that intelligence in a way that makes it work for you. 

How do we do that? By first becoming aware and getting back to being human. Start now. Get off your screen and go enjoy a natural moment of joy. Breathe fresh air. Feel the sunshine on your face. Make yourself smile at life. Because you are here. You already won. So go have fun.

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