Photography is our most powerful creative key.

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I don’t just believe, I know we are all creators.

Each and every one of us has something deep inside of us that wants to create through us. It is as natural for humans to crave creating as it is for us to crave food and water. We create to express ourselves, to make sense of the world around us, to feel happy, whole and free all at once.

What are we freeing our selves from? The mind.

Our creativity doesn’t come from up in our heads. It comes from deep down in our heart, in our body, in our soul.

We can not just think and assume creativity will show up. We can not look outwards and hope for an answer. We must go within. We must feel creativity move through us. As soon as we let go of the mind and drop into our bodies, creativity is free to roam.

“Creativity is not only the key to unlocking our own inner happiness and peace. It is our key to unlocking consciousness across the planet.”

I believe, there is one creative key that is more powerful than all the rest.

Photography is the most powerful creative key simply because now, we all have access to it.

It’s so powerful it transcends all other forms of art, science, and technology. It transcends language, culture, and time. Photography transcends life itself.  Now it is infused in everything we know, everything we do.

In my short lifetime, I have witnessed it completely transform our entire world and the way we experience it. All because of how fast this creative key has intersected with the growth of technology. Now, the speed of life is giving all of us a new, easier path to discovering our individual creative genius by way of this incredible technology called, Digital Photography.

No matter what creative powers lie within you and whether you know they exist yet or not; I truly believe photography can be the key to unlocking your highest creative potential.

“In a split second, an image has this magical ability to completely alter a belief, an idea, an opinion, about absolutely anything, instantly, forever.”

No interpretation is needed. No translation. Simply visual human experience.

The visual story is yours to connect with. It’s yours to imagine. And though this is true with all great art forms, photography is unique in that it connects us to consciousness immediately through practical realism. That is through the experience of our phsyical reality.

Whether we experience it from behind the lens, in front of the lens, or we are viewing an image after it’s creation, visual imagery has this magical ability to completely consume us, mind and body, as it brings us into the present moment.

Photography naturally evokes curiosity, focus, and intention. It fuels our feelings and connects us to a story.

This is why we all crave visual stories. This is creative consciousness alive in all of us.

When we can learn to harness the power of our own creativity, the power of our own individual perspectives, and diverse stories of life, together we can begin to truly connect with the world, with ourselves. We can discover stories that matter to us and share them with real passion and purpose.

We are all natural storytellers. Creating and sharing stories is what makes us human. It is our life’s mission is to experience, create, and connect all our stories together.

My mission is to create stories that inspire us all to see life through a new lens – a lens that continually brings us into the timeless now, humbles humanity, and empowers us to Live Wonderful.

What stories are you bringing to life? How are you sharing them with the world?

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