Product Photography for Certo Woodworking, a custom furniture company based in Orlando, Florida.

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I admire anyone who has the guts to turn their art into a business. And that’s just what Brian and Danielle Certo have done by starting their small business, Certo Woodworking.

Certo Woodworking creates custom furniture that is a mix of modern yet durable. Think timeless heirlooms that are hot and trendy too. Can something be trendy forever? Ummmm….

With a background in restaurant ownership and business marketing, combined with Brian’s talents and skills with wood, these two set out to change the way they did business when the whole world changed in 2020. Now because of their faith in each other and their creative skills, Certo Woodworking has become a fast-growing custom furniture company in Central Florida in just a few years.

Working with local interior designers and individual homeowners, they create custom gorgeous furniture that you’ll love to use every day. From start to finish, their process is personalized. They don’t just create furniture from wood that fits a space. They help you envision a beautiful and purposeful addition to your home that will last for generations to come.

When Danielle first inquired about custom product photography for Certo woodworking, I knew right away this would be a story that I wanted to bring to life. Not only because we share the same name and we all know Danielle’s are awesome. 😉 But because custom woodworking is near and dear to my soul. My father is a custom woodworker.

As soon as I saw Brian’s custom cutting boards and coffee tables, the smell of freshly shaven sawdust and the site of those gorgeous grains took me back to childhood. I felt like I was right back there, sitting on a pile of 2x4s my father’s woodshop watching him tinker away at his workbench.

Though we haven’t yet planned that behind-the-scenes photoshoot, I’m sure Brian’s workshop smells the same way! This first custom brand photography session with Danielle and Brian was a huge success and truly showcases their finished custom pieces.

When planning a commercial photoshoot, it’s not just about getting great shots of the product. It’s about understanding why that product was created in the first place. This is how the visual story unfolds. So when that product is handcrafted, I have to dig a little deeper to find the real story. 

Handcrafted is more than just creating with your hands. It’s about creating with imagination and then bringing something new to life through physical strength and know-how. Now turn that handcrafted art into a business and you’ve got the biggest combination of challenges any modern human will face voluntarily: turning your personal art into something that others value too.

In this full-day photoshoot, I captured custom product photography in two different homes adorned with multiple pieces of furniture. In the first home, we captured a full kitchen remodel with a custom wood bar, large cabinet and refrigerator door veneers, a stove hood, plus cutting boards and coasters. In the second home, we capture a bed frame with hidden storage and attached floating nightstands, plus a very unique custom coffee table.

I love the way the wood has a soft matte finish yet the grain shines through naturally. The challenge I love most about photographing large custom works of art is just that – they are large! This means they can’t always be moved and I have to work with the natural light that surrounds them in their natural environment. It takes time and team effort to go from a vision to the final result. Not just in creating custom furniture, but in creating custom photography too.

The art of creating with your physical abilities takes more than just wanting to start a small business. It takes dedication, persistence, and faith in your ability to be creative, authentic, and produce a product that sells itself, that people want to buy.

I think this quote says it all:

We hope that our devotion to craftsmanship and design will improve the interaction with items you use every day…. Sometimes the simple things can be admired most deeply.

Brian Certo

I know that Certo Woodworking cares about their creations because their high-quality furniture stands the test of time, and their clients are beyond thrilled with the final result.

If you are in the market for custom wood furniture, check out Certo Woodworking. They do free local delivery and free shipping! And if you’re reading this thinking, my business has a similar story too. Then your story deserves to be shared.

No matter what kind of custom art you create, if you’re building it into a business, you need custom product photography. We can help you learn how to capture it on your own or help bring your story to life behind our lens. It’s up to you. You are the creator of your story, we’re just here to help you bring it to life!

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