Product Photography for Organized Haven, Central Florida Moving, Downsizing, Organizing & Senior Move Management

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Brand Product Photography for Organized Haven

“Finding the professional photographer to tell our brand’s story was incredibly important to us. We truly needed a storyteller and we found that in Danielle Hanusek with Live Wonderful Photography!”

Nicole Ramer

I feel like I’ve truly found a set of new friends! The product photography with team at Organized Haven, a Central Florida Moving, Downsizing, Organizing Company, feels more like family, because they are!

Nicole and Danny, a husband and wife team, begin their mission of helping to transform peoples homes in 2013 when Nicole experienced the overwhelming transition of having her first child. The company started with the intention of helping others organize through all of life’s transitions, but evolved to specialize in helping seniors and busy professionals downsize and move.

As every small business owner knows, when you’re spending all your time working in your business, you barely have time to work on your business. When Nicole contacted us to discuss updating their brand photography, product photography. she was slightly embarrassed by her outdated website and marketing materials. 

And I told her from the get-go, that this is what I am here to help you do – transform your brand story and bring your business into the fast paced digital modern world. 

But Nicole knew she didn’t just need new team head shots or stock pictures of movers and organizers on her new website. She knew she needed her potential clients to know what it actually feels like to work with such a dedicated, personalized team of moving and logistics experts.

After we connect and she shared her story with me in her initial Brand Discovery session, we chose to create two different types of brand stories for Organized Haven’s new updated look.

With an exact shot list of specific supplies and materials she wanted captured, and a clear understanding of the problems that her business solves for its customers, I was ready to bring Organized Haven’s story to life in their first photo shoot, a product photography session in the studio. 

Nicole and I went to work staging these specific shots here in our Orlando, Florida studio during a half day brand photography session. From the start I was impressed not only with her organizational skills, but her ability to visualize exactly what brand story she wanted to represent on the home page of her new website – a senior couple happily relaxing because all the hard work of packing is done. So that’s what we created! She even brought the perfect models, her own grandparents. 

My favorite thing about working with other small business owners is that we get to co-creating a bigger vision than either of us could’ve created on our own. Along with Nicole‘s vision for the homepage of her new website, she knew that the only way a potential customer could truly understand the value of her business was to show them what it was like to work with them behind the scenes. And that’s exactly what I got to do.

Over a full-day, on location commercial photo shoot, I was a fly on the wall, with a Camera in hand (that’s a funny vision 😉 while Nicole and her team worked their magic packing up a 2500 square-foot home and gracefully moving two senior ladies into their new assisted living apartments. 

Not only did their team work efficiently to organize what their clients wanted to keep, put in storage, or donate, but they did it all while making sure their clients felt relaxed, at ease, and confident that organized Haven had everything handled.

Capturing moments of concern, satisfaction, and interaction with your customers is an art and itself. Quite often I am not working with models and staging perfect photo shoots. In fact I’m doing the complete opposite. I am stepping into your world, your clients world, and I have to capture it in such a way that you and your clients still act naturally. There’s quite a balance in getting close and intimate versus staying out of your way so you can still do your work and make your clients happy.

“Danielle is wonderful at capturing moments and making her clients/models feel comfortable. She has creativity and imagination, an eye for detail, patience and flexibility, great people skills and a true passion for what she does! Thank you, Danielle, for capturing our story and helping Organized Haven Live Wonderful!”

Nicole Ramer

From packing up the moving truck and driving to their new home an hour away, to unpacking and putting what they wanted exactly where they wanted it, Organized Haven had these senior ladies comfortably enjoying their new homes before dinner time. It was amazing to watch them work through the lens. I could tell that not only are they great at what they do, but they make their clients happier than they could ever expect.

These are the kinds of stories I love to capture. These are the kinds of stories that are told by everyday people. It is the small businesses that make up the backbone of this country’s economy. And if you are out there building a business with purpose, and sharing your services with your community, your story deserves to be told just like Nicole and Danny’s.

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