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The 3-month Photography Mentorship Coaching Program to get you off of Auto mode, master Manual, and build creative confidence so you can capture your stories with passion and purpose, forever!

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Our 3 months together will include...

30+ Bite-Size Video Lessons in 10 Modules

All of the content is waiting for you inside. As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive a 3-month launch plan to keep you on track. Enjoy learning at your own pace with more than 30 bite-size video lessons and easy-to-follow demonstrations throughout 10 modules.

100+ Downloadable Visual Guides

For more visual learning, in each module, you can follow along on your video lessons with presentation slides that will guide you through your camera settings and each step with simple diagrams, and more great tips!

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3 Months of Coaching + Support from A Pro

Get personalized feedback, motivational support, and mentorship from Danielle for 3 months. During this time, you’ll get unlimited email support and messaging from a patient professional who has been in the field for over 15 years and teaching for 8+ years to students of every age and background. 

Bi-Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls with Danielle

Plus, every other week we will have a live group training call. This is your opportunity to submit your photos for a live critique, and get answers to all of your photography challenges from that week’s practice.

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Weekly Practice Photo Assignments

Use these guided assignments to go out and practice on your own. They are meant to help you start to build confidence as you learn each step. You don’t have to do them, but they are a great at helping you stay on track.

Unlimited Image Critiques!

Bi-Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls with Danielle

You’ll get the chance to submit all of your shots for critique. Every single week we will critique all of the images you have submitted to make sure you’re on the right track of capturing your stories in Manual mode.


Private Facebook Community

3 Months access to the Facebook group where you can collaborate with likeminded photographers and get your biggest questions answered by Danielle.

Get ready to bring your stories to life forever.

Success Stories

Before After

At the beginning of the pandemic I came up with 5 passions, I could try to make a business out of. Photography was number 1. Because of this course, I never made it to 2-5.

Danielle has a way of making you feel very comfortable with the learning process. There wasn’t a single moment I felt insecure about asking any questions. She made learning photography very easy. Her passion for photography made me realize that this was something I could turn into a career and make others feel the way Danielle made me feel.

She makes the challenge of photography fun and simple enough to grasp with practice. And it made me want to take my camera with me everywhere!

This course was a stepping stone that changed my life forever. Within a year of taking it, I started my own wedding and boudoir photography business. Now, I’ve been published on several blogs domestic and international. The amount of growth I did in that small period of time with Danielle has been exponential. I encourage anyone interested in photography to take this course with Danielle!

Jen Holly, Orlando Wedding Photographer

Seven years ago, when I was pregnant with my first baby, I saw a coffee table photo book of a baby’s first year, and I fell in love. I knew I wanted to create something like this for my baby too.

I spent the next few months reading online blogs here and there and experimenting with my inherited DSLR. I combined my most-loved photos and the pro shots and told our story in pictures. I love this book, and others I’ve created since. You can never return to these special moments, and the closest thing to reliving them is looking at a photo. 
My husband gave me my first lesson with Danielle as a gift. It was a perfect gift! I don’t know if I would have ever been bold enough to take the ‘next step’ and book a photography lesson myself.

The word I would use to describe my first lesson with Danielle is comfortable. She has a way of guiding you and she helps you practice in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you have to snap the perfect. She’s like a friend helping you to be your best self.

Through her classes, I’ve learned how to capture the most beautiful thing in my life- my children. And I can freeze this special time in my life. I know I will look back on my pictures one day and they will reflect the energy and everyday emotions of my young family. Now I know how to capture the moments beyond the smiling family portraits we send at Christmas. I would have never been able to do this without Danielle!

Before After

I’ve always been interested in wildlife since a young age. My father would take me out into nature and bird watching on a regular basis. When we moved to the US my father started taking pictures. I never really took much notice until one day he showed me all the amazing photos he had taken! 

He told me he was going to buy a new camera and lens and offered me his old setup to see if I would enjoy photography. It’s been about 3 ½ years since that day, and I haven’t put the camera down since!

I spent the next couple of months watching YouTube Videos and reading books on photography. But I was still shooting in auto modes. I wanted to learn how to have complete control of my camera, and the final result of my photos. 

So, I booked a session with Danielle. She was extremely engaging, easy to talk with. She had us use our own cameras to demonstrate the techniques she was discussing, and even though the subject is technical, she does a really good job of explaining every step so that anyone can understand.

I would 100% recommend taking this class, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get you started on your photography journey! Danielle is a great teacher, and fun to be around.

I took the tools that I learned through Danielle’s class, and now I’m out taking photos all over North America! And I shoot 90% of my photos in full manual mode. Wildlife is the subject that I enjoy photographing the most. It’s been a real, life changing hobby for me!

It's time to stop shooting (and living) in auto mode.

I am here to guide you, motivate you, and show you that you have what it takes.

How it works

The 3-month Photography Mentorship Coaching Program to get you off of Auto mode, master Manual, and build creative confidence so you can capture your stories with passion and purpose, forever!

Learn More About The Storyteller's Journey

30+ Bite-Size Video Lessons in 10 Modules {LIFETIME ACCESS}
Learn at your own pace with easy-to-follow demonstrations.

Empowering Practice Assignments {LIFETIME ACCESS}
Build confidence as you learn and practice on your own.

UNLIMITED Feedback + Critiques From A Pro {3 Months}
That’s right. My eyes on your work! Build your portfolio in no time.

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls {3 Months}
Live training with Danielle every other week!

Mentorship Support From A Professional {3 Months}
With over 15 years of experience, you will get honest, heartfelt advice for any type of photography.

Private Facebook Community {3 Months}
Connect with likeminded photographers and ask Danielle anything anytime! 

100+ Downloadable Visual Guides {LIFETIME ACCESS}
All the videos summarized with fun visual diagrams and more tips!

Pocket-size guide with all the settings and steps!

Photo Tips eBook {LIFETIME ACCESS}
10 more compositional tips to skyrocket your skills instantly.

BONUS CLASS: Lightroom Photo Editing {Pay In Full}
A 2-hr class to help you organize your photos and make them pop!

You have permission to want more...

More from your life

More creativity

More confidence

More freedom

I am handing you a strategic road map + supporting you along the way inside this program.

i know what it's like to feel stuck in auto mode

Hi, I'm Danielle.

… the optimistic, outgoing gal always smiling behind the camera.

I am a professional photographer storyteller, yoga enthusiast, and travel addict who enjoys getting lost anywhere my camera will take me. 

Photography has unapologetically transformed my entire outlook on life. All I want to do is help you create powerful, inspiring visual stories that are full of passion and purpose. Why? Because that’s what it means to Live Wonderful. So, join me on this endless adventure, and let’s bring your best stories to life!

professional women photographers

Why learn photography with me?

You've got what it takes. With the right guidance, you can capture your life the way it feels to you!

You're the perfect fit

For all ages, all backgrounds, and all experience levels, this course is perfect for those who want to learn how to confidently take great photos and capture memories they’ll cherish forever. If you …

  • Want to be able to capture amazing shots but feel you don’t have time or creativity to be a good photographer.
  • Are about to embark on a travel adventure and you don’t want to miss a single shot.
  • Run a business and have to wear all the hats but you’re not sure how to market your brand through photos.
  • Love capturing, creating and sharing stories. Now you want to learn how to bring your best stories to life!

Get instant access when you enroll today!

It’s time to stop shooting (and living) in auto mode.

The Storyteller’s Journey is your step-by-step guide to creating and capturing visual stories that are full of real passion and purpose. No matter what kind of photography you love, this course will show you how to easily and quickly take control of your camera, build your creative confidence, and literally see and experience your life through a whole new lens.

We’re taking everything we’ve ever taught in our beginner photography classes and packing it into one ultimate self-paced online course. Jam-packed with great tips and resources from a pro who is in the field every day, there is no other program that teaches you how to shoot in manual mode like a pro while also showing you how to tap into your own creativity, forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

To take this course, A DSLR or Mirrorless camera is what you need. Most students have Canon, Nikon or Sony cameras. But it doesn’t matter what the brand is, they are all amazing. I will help you learn whatever camera you have.

It's both! As soon as you join, you will have access to the full course and all the materials. Then I'll be by your side to help make sure you're learning everything you need to know to skyrocket your skills. You can follow along with our weekly assignments, or do it all at your own pace.

None! No experience is required. Just a camera and a willingness to learn how to tap into your creative side. Even if you’ve never turned it on, or your camera has always been on auto, you can join these this course. Actually, your creativity depends on it!

Ages 0-100 are encouraged to join us. If you have a camera and you are curious about photography, you will love this course.  I've taught thousands of photo enthusiasts of all ages. If there's anything I've learned, it's that everyone has the ability to learn this and deserves to unlock their creativity through visual storytelling.


I love of working with kids because I truly believe this will help everyone at every level in life, especially those young kids who soak up everything like a sponge.

This is really gonna help them tap into their creative confidents before they go into adulthood. Imagine if you had the skills and the ability to capture pictures everywhere you go at their age?

Absolutely not! I want you to get results as fast as possible. When you join us throughout the three month program, by month one I want you fully in manual mode confidently diving into your personal creative stories. But if you wanted to, you could be confidently shooting in just a few weeks or even by the end of the day!

Guess what? I didn't have a camera when first started getting into photography either. I rented one until I could afford my own. Now cameras are VERY affordable, and can be delivered right to you quickly! Don’t worry, I am here to help you choose the best on for you.


When you join the course, I will help you navigate the complex world of camera gear so you feel confident with a camera that will grow with you. On a tight budget? No problem! Have an old camera and don’t think it's good enough? Try me! Overwhelmed because you think your camera is to high end for you? Don’t worry. These are all the things I will help you with as soon as you enroll.

I’m not really here to teach you how to be a pro. The business side of professional photography is complicated. But the camera is not. You don’t need to know all the technical jargon to feel confident behind the lens. I’ve taken all of that out of thia course and designed it to help you break free of Auto mode in the easiest way possible. In fact, you could be shooting in manual mode in less than an hour!


Now, if you do want to go pro, this will definitely give you a foundation. The point is, no matter what the reason, you’re going to be more creative and do so much more with your photography when you join the Storyteller’s Journey.

Even if you already know manual mode, I guarantee you, you're going to learn more about yourself and about photography, than any other course you've taken before. When you learn manual mode with me, I'm gonna teach you how to get insanely confident with it. You're gonna feel totally confident in manual mode in any scenario!

If you're here right now and you're contemplating joining us, it's probably because you haven't found anyone locally to help you the way you know you need help. I know how that feels. It's exactly why I started teaching local classes before designing this course. For 8 years I taught students how to get off Auto mode. BUT! They only got 3-4 hours of learning with me by their side. Then they had to pay for more classes or keep practicing on their own to get confident behind the lens. In this course you are going to get me by your side for 3 months! Plus you will receive 10X the information in over 6+ hours of video content. This truly is the prefect combination of hands-on and self-pace learning. 

Well, I think that's a question to ask yourself first. Photography is a creative journey that must be driven by personal passion first and foremost. I can not make you do this. BUT! I can promise you, that IF you believe in yourself... if you truly want this, then I will NOT let you fail!

I've never let any student leave this course without feeling confident behind the lens, and I won't stop now. That is my guarantee.

Get ready to bring your stories to life forever.