Reflections of Love and Support

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Can you remember when someone, just out of pure kindness and inspiration, reached out to support you?

We tend to take it for granted when it’s always around us. But then again we notice right away when we want it and don’t receive it. How does that make you feel?

I’ve spent the past year of my life (2013-2014) developing new healthy habits through simple mindfulness and meditation. One of these habits is being aware of the love and support from others that empowers me to make ideal choices more intuitively. Recently that love hit me hard. Like, it’s made me cry. It is so beautiful and almost overwhelming. Probably because it came from an unexpected place.

Reflection of Others

About a week ago, my first (paid) article was published online for the world to see. It’s about photography, aperture and understanding how our camera lens “sees” just like our eyes see the world. The platform, Digital Photography School gets an over 10 million readers a month and has over 1.5 million subscribers. In less than 14 days over 60,000 individuals shared my article!

Why do we share information? Because it inspires us, it gives us a new level of understanding. It makes us feel connected. I had no idea how much this article would inspire connection. You can read it here. Share your thoughts with me! Like the thousands of others who have already commented, I am always curious to know how my stories make you feel.

Here’s what one reader had to say that inspired me to write this story about love and support…

“I finally understand aperture! I just want to thank you Danielle.”

“I have read so many articles and books on how to get to grips with aperture, yet, this article is something I believe that will make my photography so much easier and fun to explore – now that I understand!”

I am in awe when I read comments like this on the article, even after years later. The feedback I’ve received has changed the way I will see myself and my passions, forever. It’s those words from dear friends, family and mostly complete strangers that has inspired me to keep teaching and keep writing.

Before writing this article, I couldn’t even have imagined writing a powerful piece that would reach millions. Now it’s not only a possibility. It’s an accomplishment that has created a whole new path of power for me in a passion that I didn’t even know existed until I got real with myself.
The love and support that we receive from the world around us is one of the key factors that motivates us to keep on our path. It’s what empowered me to keep writing. Yes it matters most what we feel inside.

Yet, the reflections of others, our mirror, is a sign of “true north” on our passion compass. It’s those reflections that let us know we are on the path to discovering our truest self. We feel more inspired to follow that path because of the love and support from others that see the light in us.

When was the last time you saw the light in someone?

That’s your light shining back at you. Share that inspiration with that someone.

Now when I write, I feel myself trusting my words, my feelings and I know my new found passion has found it’s muse. There is purpose in my writing. And it’s you. I write to shine your light. I am your reflection, loving and supporting you and your passions. How does that make you feel? What’s coming up for you when you read this:

You are loved. You are supported.

I want to inspire you to continue to stay in awe of life.

Discover yourself everyday. Learn, grow and never stop believing in the magic all around you. Look around and be open to finding that magic always. Smile when you see it. Because that’s your reflection smiling back at you.

This is one of my ways of practicing mindfulness. When I do this, I get hit with that breathless, frozen feeling. You know those goosebumps? That internal energy that uncontrollably rises up and takes over?

That’s my sign. True North. When I am aware of it, and I share it, I want you to see your light and feel supported.

I love to feel it, from feedback, from smiles, from unexpected kindness. And now I look for it everywhere.

Because isn’t that what we all want in life? To love and to be loved. To be seen and understood. It’s creates a deep, meaningful connection between our souls when that love and support is shared. When we feel it, we can measure our happiness. And we can spread our happiness. That continual cycle of giving and receiving is what shapes this world.

So with that, I say, thank you.

Thank you for your love and support. You have helped to shape the new, happier version of me. You have empowered me. I am inspired to keep inspiring you, because of you. And my hope is that by reading this, you will feel the same inspiration.

I will continue this climb to the top of my mountain, writing and discovering myself in my passions. Will you do the same, knowing that you are inspiring the people all around you?

Follow your heart. Keep discovering that “True North” on your passion compass. And during every discovery, acknowledge the love and support that you receive.

Ask yourself, “Who has supported me on my journey?”

Then let the cycle continue. Inspire someone by showing your love and support to them.

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