Stories from 130+ Days on the Road

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We’re back! Well almost… After over four months of living on the road, we’ve turned East to head “home” for the holidays!

Home truly is wherever you want it to be. And for my hubby and I, it’s mostly been in nature with nights spent inside a 100 sq ft camper. You may be following along with our epic adventure on Instagram or Facebook. But if you missed the story of how this all started, click here to read the first story I wrote about it.

North Rim Grand Canyon Sunrise

I was a different person when I wrote that. Not just because time has passed, but because I have grown tremendously- mentally and emotionally.

Just like you are reflecting on this past year and preparing for the next, now I am taking time to process all that we’ve experienced. We’re not even done yet and check out what we’ve done…

  • Visited 32 States
  • Explored 21 National Parks and Monuments 
  • Drove over 15,000 miles 
  • Recorded over 50 hours of content
  • Snapped 20,000+ photos
  • Spent 129 days on the road 
  • Created COUNTLESS memories

And oh the stories!

Stories that I will continue to share for a lifetime.

Stories that aren’t just for me to remember. They are for you to inspire, create, and capture your stories, too… the ones that matter most to YOU. 

Badlands National Park Sunset

This should be everyone’s goal. Not just for the new year, but always.

So as we round the corner into 2023, I already know my goal for this year. It’s no surprise because it’s been my mission since I started this journey to live wonderful. I find that sharing my goals out loud holds me accountable to them. So here’s what you can expect from me in 2023.

2023 Goals for Live Wonderful

  • More Online Photography Courses
  • An Online Print Gallery and Shop
  • Behind-The-Scenes Footage
  • Live Classes and Gallery Shows
  • Fingers crossed, I also hope to plan a gallery show where you can see my latest work in person!

My mission is to inspire YOU to see life through a new lens every day and find creative freedom in knowing you have the power to bring any story to life you want. Everything I’ve ever learned on this trip and all my adventures are wrapped into this one philosophy. 

I know ANYONE can live wonderful.

It all starts with the Storyteller’s Journey, my self-paced, down-to-earth photo course with personalized 1-on-1 coaching from me. And it’s not just any course — I show you how to use light, movement, and focus to tell YOUR story, with any kind of camera!

I am looking forward to shooting with you again in 2023 and am more inspired than ever to show you what we’ve been working on. You’ll get some sneak peeks about our new products as early as the first quarter.

Join us on this transformational journey focused on mastering manual mode & creativity, finding your personal style, and exploring visual storytelling, composition, image editing, and more.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, full of joy and wonder.



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