The ONLY Photo Field Guide You’ll Ever Need

“I call it my photography bible.”

“This is everything I need to feel confident in manual mode.”

“It’s my new best friend. I take it with me everywhere!”

What is everyone so hyped up about?

It’s the Live Wonderful Photo Field Guide (aka Cheat Sheet) and it’s the most important tool we’ve ever created. 

Until now the only way you could get your hands on it was by joining our photo courses. 

After 8 years of feedback from students and making better and better, it’s finally available as it’s own individual resource. 

There is no other cheat sheet like it. This is not like those freebies you download from Pinterest that barely teach you anything at all. No, this field guide will give you a complete understanding of manual mode in just a few minutes!

Are you struggling to remember your camera settings?

Do you find yourself fumbling around with your buttons and missing the shot?

Does the idea of manual mode freak you out?

Do you just want an easy-to-follow system that allows you to capture your stories with complete creative confidence?

This is for you.

Imagine immediately knowing all the possible settings you could use to capture any kind of story you see. That is the power of visual storytelling, and with our Photo Field Guide, you can have that power everywhere you go. This pocket-size cheat sheet is basically our entire master course on one sheet of paper! Think of it like an easy-to-navigate roadmap that you can apply to every photo shoot, and every single photo you take.

Students using The Photo Field Guide

This is what I tell all my students when they start practicing with the field guide:

Remember, it’s called a guide for a reason. Sure you can cheat with it, but it’s meant to help guide you ONLY when you feel you need the guidance. So, even though it is going to be your new best friend and I want you to take it with you everywhere you go, I also don’t want you to get so stuck on it that you are relying on it all the time. Because if you’re looking down at the cheat sheet, you’re not clicking that shutter.

Because of this great resource, you don’t have to be daunted by your camera anymore. With it’s easy-to-follow design, you’ll understand manual mode in no time at all. 

A graduate of STJ, Alicia, had her first “aha” moment using this photo cheat sheet. In the beginning, she took it everywhere she’d go and called it her “Photography Bible.” It reminded her every day that she had the power within herself to be creative and bring her stories to life any way she wanted. Now years later, she is running her own photography and marketing company and has been published numerous times!

This downloadable resource is designed for all levels of photography experience in a colorful, easy-to-read layout. It’s filled with custom visual diagrams and symbols and of course all of the settings you need to shoot in manual mode with ease. 

Getting started using the field guide is simple too. Once you place your order, all you have to do is click the link in your email to download the digital file. Then print it out, fold it in half, and pop it in your camera bag. The next time you’re out practicing, pull it out anytime you need help.

Memorize All The Settings With Ease

Lauren, another course graduate, had this to say about the photo field guide.

“After learning manual mode with Danielle, I remember planning a maternity shoot with my friend at the park. Since taking the course, I already had knowledge of my camera settings, but this field guide really tied everything together while I was actually practicing. Having it with me made it so much easier to know which setting to adjust when.

It made me confident that I could get the shot I was looking for. Plus this made the shoot so much more relaxing for myself and my friend. I used the photo field guide until it was drilled into my head. Now just a few shoots later, I can visualize it. It’s stuck in my memory and I make changes to my settings even quicker than before. I feel so confident with my camera! I know steps and images on this Field Guide will stick in with me forever.” ~Lauren, Storytellers Journey Course Graduate

Whether you already know your settings or not, I KNOW this will have a huge impact on your photography journey, just like it has for the hundreds of new photographers that have been using it for years.

Stop downloading all those freebies and grab the last photo cheat sheet you’ll ever need!

Downloadable Field Guide

How to Download and Use: 

  1. Click here to purchase the PDF instant download in our online store
  2. After purchasing, download the PDF file to your computer
  3. Print out the cheat sheet on 8.5 x 5.5 cardstock 
  4. Keep it in your camera bag or in your pocket any time you’re taking photos
  5. Start with the first side (Developing your Story)
  6. Then go to the back to find the right camera settings for your story
  7. Adjust settings, follow the 5 Steps to Photo Success, then snap the photo!

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