The Story Behind Live Wonderful: Bali, Indonesia

I think it was February of 2015 when this random thought woke me out of a dead sleep. I don’t know. I always lost track of the days, and weeks. Even the months flew by without noticing. But it was definitely early 2015.

I was finally settled in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia after 3 months of backpacking around Europe and Southeast Asia. I hadn’t made a plan. I just bought that magic glitch, multi-city plane ticket, sold or stored almost everything I owned, got on that first plane, and never looked back.

Now here I was in Bali, living in a gorgeous (but partially destroyed) custom-built, open-air home nestled amongst the rice fields. I was volunteering to take care of this place in exchange for a roof over my head for as long as I needed. Whatever day it was, I know I’d been there long enough to forget what month this moment became a memory. But not long enough to realize I had to come home to turn this new dream into a reality.

I shot up from a soundless sleep, wide awake the instant the idea popped into my head. My eyes opened in the darkness and I thought, “ That’s it! I just want to live wonderful. NOT wonderfully…. Wonder. Full.”

And so this company was born, seemingly out of nowhere. Yet always resting deep inside, just waiting for me to wake up. But it did come from somewhere, right?

I’d been writing stories and capturing my experiences with the help of Susi and her 35-year knowledge of the island’s history. She never just told me what she knew. She always urged me to explore, ask questions, and learn about the dark truth that keeps Bali alive to this day.

Thanks to her, I’d spend half of my days doing just that. I’d jump on my scooter and zoom off on unplanned adventures into the jungles, witness daily offerings and rituals, and spontaneously attend what seemed like weekly island-wide celebrations.

The other half of my days were spent helping Susi rebuild her home which had been destroyed 18 months prior when the villa was seized by the Balinese mafia for two unjust reasons – she was a woman, of another race. Now, along with 10 other volunteers, I was learning Bahasa Indonesia (The National Indonesian language), and getting a front-row seat to some of the most corrupt international government trials at the national courthouse. All awhile, trying to help Susi rebuild her life and begin anew.

So that night (the night I felt so comfortable outside of my comfort zone that I forgot time completely), that’s when I knew in an instant, I’d found my life’s mission. I didn’t know exactly what it looked like. I didn’t have to.

I just knew those words, “Live. Wonder. Full.” were going to be my anchor for everything I create, forever.

A few months after Live Wonderful came to me, I decided to end my time in Bali abruptly as I no longer felt safe on the island. After regrouping for a few weeks in Singapore, I booked a plane ticket back to America. My mind and heart were
aligning. I was ready to use my creativity to build my own prosperity and purpose.

I would spend the next 6 months on countless adventures that had seemed to go in no particular direction. It didn’t matter. I was still lost and scared, but there was now this beacon of inspiration lighting the path in front of me. Always moving forward with me.

This business has been my creative outlet since that night I shot out of bed. It will always be my anchor amidst all of life’s adventures. I define my life around this mission to “Live Wonder Full.” That is, to live in a state of wonder, all the time.
To be open to new experiences, new ideas, and new perspectives. To bring my stories to life with passion and purpose.

When I began to focus on my deepest desires I realized my story is mine to choose. I became aware of my personal powers. I allowed my true fears to reveal themselves so I could conquer them. This is true for anyone seeking a creative life.

Our biggest fear is not failure. It’s success.

We are afraid to succeed because when do, we have to become a new version of ourselves. We can no longer be who we were because now we have new experiences and new insights. We must create a new story.

But I wouldn’t live any other way.

Now anchored in Orlando, Florida, Live Wonderful is more than just an idea in my mind. It’s become a mindset for our entire community of creative storytellers both here and all over the world Bringing this brand to life has given me more purpose and joy than I could ever imagine. And this is still just the beginning!

It’s time to expand our comfort zones again. Dream the next dream. As with all things on our path, Live Wonderful is evolving every day. My biggest goal (as of right now) for this amazingly supportive community, is this:

We want to connect with more people who WANT to Live Wonderful.

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