Visual Storytelling and Why Our Future Depends On It

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Technology has made this global challenge obvious:

Our future depends on our humanity. But it has always really been a collective and individual challenge. The personal challenge we all face is letting go of old stories. To stop chasing mind-focused intellectual knowledge. We don’t need to chase that anymore. We have instant access to incredible amounts of information thanks to Google. But really, it’s thanks to our natural desire to connect and grow as human beings.

The paradox is, because of this real-time access, we are also inundated with endless amounts of useless information that doesn’t matter at all. That has no business being in our daily existence, infiltrating our emotions, behaviors, and most of all – OUR ATTENTION. That has distracted us from our truth.

I’ve always understood this. We all have. Now we’re waking up to it. The age-old question, “Who Am I?” now actually has a whole new meaning in today’s world. We will all become different people in the next 30 years, not just because we will age, but because we will live in a world that is forever changing and immersing its advances in our daily lives. This is inevitable. So, how will you answer this question in the next 30 years? What stories are you creating?

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We are only at the beginning. The rapid change is just now starting to speed up life. Yet, many are still obsessed with ingesting and consuming this knowledge that’s easily accessible. Good or bad, it’s just more information. It’s always there for us. We must step out of the endless scroll and this need to intake unconscious, useless, time-consuming stuff. It will never give us the answers we seek.

Instead, we must go within and focus on our true story. The story we want to be. The visual storytelling in our business or work. The story in our relationships. The story in our daily lives.

This is the real question, “Who do I want to be?”

Visual storytelling is our key to discovering this answer. Photography is a tool that is readily accessible and can immediately create new eye-opening experiences for us. Seeing life through a new lens and consciously sharing stories that push the world forward, encourage and inspire others to share their stories, and connect physically and virtually with real human emotion, real human vulnerability, real human knowledge. This is what will start to bridge the gap between who we were, and who we are meant to become. Simply by enjoying something we all love anywhere, using a tool we are already obsessed with.

Technology is at our fingertips. All we have to do is open our minds to the story we’re meant to create, the experience we’re meant to let unfold. This is what I have learned over the years as a professional photographer. I love how photography has made more a more curious person, it’s brought out my desire to explore and share and connect with humans all over the world.

Having a camera in my hand and shown me more creative potential than I ever thought I had. It has allowed me to experience life through this magical perspective, one that is constantly becoming more aware and more clear about what my real purpose is as a photographer. That is to share visual stories, consciously, with a higher intention, so I can show you that technology is our key to creative evolution. It’s our key to unlocking our personal creative potential and all of humanity.

So will you join me on this creative adventure called life? Are you curious to unleash just a little bit of your imagination? Are you willing to see your own incredible potential? In a fun photography class, or by creating a professional and unique photography experience for you, see our work. I want to help you discover your true story. So let’s connect and create!

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